February 2015 - News and Events

Using Sip:provider as a CPBX Solution

Sip:provider as a CPBX solution Sip:provider is a highly efficient platform that can be used as a CPBX solution but first we need to understand what is a CPBX and what it can do in communications. What is a CPBX? CPBX or cloud PBX is a public branch exchange, serving as an office or a…

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Use Serial Forking Based on Q-Value with Sip:Provider

Tips & Tricks: Using serial forking based on q-value with Sip:provider Sipwise Sip:Provider (aka NGCP) allows you to register multiple devices under the same subscriber. By the default, the maximum number of the device you can register is 5, and this value is configurable via config.yml. If a customer registers multiple devices, NGCP – once receives…

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