Solutions for Web-based Unified Communications

WebRTC is an emerging web standard that allows instant real time audio and video communication in a web-browser – without installing any plugins or software. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate with friends, colleagues and customers. Sipwise WebRTC applications help you to:

  • economize on costs and time
  • boost efficiency and productivity

in your daily communication processes.

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With Sipwise WebRTC products you can do voice over IP and video calls, conferences and data transfer to any destination and with any other IP-enabled device directly from your web browser.

Sipwise offers a capable software framework and a variety of prebuilt applications that you can adapt to your needs in terms of look and feel as well as functionality. And you can even develop your own applications! Thanks to our integrated components, all you need is a web developer with skills in HTML5 and JavaScript.


Sipwise WebRTC based unified communication solutions are an upgrade to every client dialogue for every enterprise.

  • Remote video assistance for call centers and customer care departments
  • Remote support and file sharing for maintenance and support departments
  • Browser based web collaborations software
  • Browser based enterprise video conferencing systems
  • Live video assistance for online retailers, financial services and healthcare institutes

Being a part of the future of telecommunications is easier than ever before, with Sipwise RTC solutions.


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