B2B Focused Unified Communication Solutions

Sipwise offers B2B unified communication solutions for telecom providers looking to expand into B2B markets as well as for the ones to offer new services to existing business clients. With the products C5 and C4 in combination with Sipwise CPBX and Sip:phone, providers can offer their business clients a comprehensive all-round package for their daily needs of business communication:

  • Voice over IP telephony
  • Dedicated scalable Cloud PBX
  • Unified communication and file sharing
  • Fix to mobile conversion via branded mobile app
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Web RTC communication
  • High definition voice
  • PSTN connectivity via our C4 media gateway

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Cloud based business communication:
Sipwise CPBX is a cloud-based private branch exchange that allows operators to offer virtual exchanges to their business clients. Instead of investing in an expensive and complex physical PBX, they can manage their own virtual telephone system in an easy-to-use web interface. CPBX comes with the following features

  • Auto Attendant (IVR)
  • Office Hours Announcements
  • Music On Hold
  • Call Queue Module
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Call Park and Pick Up
  • Unattended Call Transfer
  • Attended Call Transfer
  • Hunting and Call Groups
  • Webinterface Administration
  • Zero-Touch Auto-Provisioning
  • Wide range of supported business phones like Cisco SPA, Yealink SIP-T, Polycom VVX and Panasonic KT-UX


With Sipwise unified communication solutions, business clients of a service provider can tap into compelling communication features

Sip Trunking

is the voice over IP method to offer telephony services to businesses and residential entities using their existing internet pipelines. The benefits are lower cost, higher quality of service, higher availability and flexibility. On top of usually telephony services with the help of SIP protocol subscribers can benefit of advanced features like unified communications, video calls, large file sharing and IP TV.

Telephony bundle services

Internet service providers have the opportunity to offer their customers features like unified communication, secure private communication, conference numbers and instant messaging.

PSTN Interconnection

With our C4 media gateway operators can interconnect to existing public switched telephony networks and offer voice origination and termination as well as number portability


Dedicated scalable VOIP PBX

For medium to large enterprises a VOIP PBX solution can satisfy the internal need for voice video communication and adds value and flexibility for the IT department in managing VOIP traffic towards outside destinations.

Unified communication and file sharing

using our Sip:phone client, subscribers can share large files between each other and also benefit of the unified communication features provided by the Sip protocol.

Mobile App

With our Sip:phone mobile app, all CPBX functionalities can easily be expanded to smart phones and tablets which ensures the modern convergence of the fixed line phone with mobile devices. In combination with our CPBX, Sip:phone provides a lot of communication flexibility and helps to economize on the telephony costs of any organization.


Ready for the communication future

With our Sipwise VoIP and unified communication products we support telecommunication companies to:

  • enhance existing telephony services with sustainable, future-proof unified communication features.
  • migrate from legacy communication technology like ISDN to high power, state of the art unified communication technology based on SIP protocol
  • creating new over-the-top communication services on VoIP basis
  • provide unified communication as a cloud based service

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