What is inside

Compared to other free VoIP software, the Sipwise C5 is not a single application, but a whole software platform — the Sipwise NGCP (Sipwise Next Generation Communication Platform) — which is based on Debian GNU/Linux.

In the past, creating a business-ready VoIP service included installation and configuration of SIP software like Asterisk, OpenSER, Kamailio etc., which can get quite difficult when it comes to implementing advanced features. It required to implement different web interfaces, billing engines and connectors to existing OSS/BSS infrastructure. These things are now obsolete due to Sipwise C5, which covers all these requirements.

Using a highly modular design approach, the NGCP leverages popular open-source software like MySQL, Apache, Catalyst, Kamailio, SEMS, Asterisk etc. as its core building blocks. These blocks are glued together using optimized and proven configurations and work-flows and are complemented by building blocks developed by Sipwise to provide fully-featured and easy to operate VoIP services.