Softswitch & Virtual PBX? The switch to All-IP

What is a Virtual PBX & how does it work? A virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a cloud-based business phone system. It is designed to replace traditional PBXs that require local hardware and landline connectivity. A traditional PBX relies on classic landlines and local hardware to connect to a dedicated phone network. In order…

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The revolutionary innovation of communication – from analog to VoIP

In the past, telephone lines had to be reconnected by hand. In order to do this, people had to sit in front of bulky control cabinets. Later on, the ISDN telephony came along. Today we utilize the innovative VoIP standard as a forward-looking system. In 1995, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) disrupted the telecommunications…

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WebRTC – the new standard of communication?

Bridging distances has never been so ubiquitous in our daily and professional lives. The past year marked a turning point for human interaction. Events, work and school were no longer possible to the extent they were the year before. New solutions were needed. Without further ado, presentations, trade fairs and conferences or even school lessons…

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What is Auto-Provisioning? Setting up a phone in a company is no big deal if you just need to install one single line. However, in larger companies, when multiple phones need to be configured, the world looks quite different. And that’s where Auto-Provisioning comes in. With an automatic set up, installing phones becomes a breeze….

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Cloud PBX!

Cloud PBX! 12 reasons for virtualizing business PBX.

IP-based phone- and Cloud PBX-systems are increasingly becoming the new communications standard for business telephony. Virtualizing business PBX enables many advantages for companies, enterprises and service operators alike. What is a Cloud PBX? A Cloud PBX, also known as hosted PBX, is a business phone system that runs over an internet connection using VoIP (Voice…

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What is Sip Trunking or Sip Trunk

Beginner’s guide to SIP-Trunking!

Among telecommunications experts SIP-Trunking is a popular buzzword. Do you also want to have a say? Sipwise has all the juicy facts you need! Quick history check on SIP- Trunking To understand the potential and prowess of SIP-Trunking – we’ll conduct a small excursion to the beginnings of telecommunication. Since the dawn of telephony in…

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What is SIP (Session-Initiation-Protocol) and how does it work?

Are you in telecommunications management? Would you like to restructure your company’s PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or invest in a SIP-telephone system? Perhaps you are looking for knowledge on Internet telephony for other reasons. In any case you will certainly encounter technical terms – the most prominent being VoIP and SIP. Sipwise will gladly explain!…

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Unfied Communications

What is Unified Communications? Sipwise explains UC in a nutshell.

According to the International Engineering Consortium (IEC) Unified Communications is a technical term for various technologies and solutions that enable telephony and/or multimedia communication. In other words, Unified Communications describes a type of platform on which all relevant communication services – telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, voice mail, e-mail and data transfer –…

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