Cloud PBX!

Cloud PBX! 12 reasons for virtualizing business PBX.

IP-based phone- and Cloud PBX-systems are increasingly becoming the new communications standard for business telephony. Virtualizing business PBX enables many advantages for companies, enterprises and service operators alike. What is a Cloud PBX? A Cloud PBX, also known as hosted PBX, is a business phone system that runs over an internet connection using VoIP (Voice…

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What is Sip Trunking or Sip Trunk

Beginner’s guide to SIP-Trunking!

Among telecommunications experts SIP-Trunking is a popular buzzword. Do you also want to have a say? Sipwise has all the juicy facts you need! Quick history check on SIP- Trunking To understand the potential and prowess of SIP-Trunking – we’ll conduct a small excursion to the beginnings of telecommunication. Since the dawn of telephony in…

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What is SIP (Session-Initiation-Protocol) and how does it work?

Are you in telecommunications management? Would you like to restructure your company’s PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or invest in a SIP-telephone system? Perhaps you are looking for knowledge on Internet telephony for other reasons. In any case you will certainly encounter technical terms – the most prominent being VoIP and SIP. Sipwise will gladly explain!…

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Unfied Communications

What is Unified Communications? Sipwise explains UC in a nutshell.

According to the International Engineering Consortium (IEC) Unified Communications is a technical term for various technologies and solutions that enable telephony and/or multimedia communication. In other words, Unified Communications describes a type of platform on which all relevant communication services – telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, voice mail, e-mail and data transfer –…

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