Sipwise VAA

Sipwise VAA (Visual Automated Attendant) at a glance

What the Sipwise VAA can do for your business

Through the integration of ALE’s VAA into the Sipwise C5, Sipwise is extending the feature set of the C5 with a powerful business routing and call answering/IVR module.

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What the Sipwise VAA can do for your business

For companies, a telephone call is often the first point of contact.

The VAA provides a professional entry point to the services your business offers with a virtual receptionist available 24/7, delivering a quality response to your customers. Providing your callers with a great service experience by starting off with a courteous greeting and routing them directly to employees, departments or its voicemail.

The programming interface is intuitive with prompts that can be easily customized plus routing rules that instantly adapt to new business needs.

  • Benefits

    • Present a professional image and response to your customers with automated 24/7 call routing and greeting.
    • Build a recurring business relationship by offering personalised call routing and greeting including integration with the businesses’ database or contact centre.
    • Control and reduce operational costs: The solution offers an intuitive programming interface that anybody can use. The solution is scalable, multi-tenant and SIP-based to offer expert call routing and greeting for small to very large multi-site organisations.

  • Features

    • Easy management of routing script: Drag and drop building blocks to create call routing based on business hours and calendars.
    • Prompt upload and recording anytime and wherever you are, by using a web interface or any phone.
    • Direct dial and filtering based on the caller and called number providing instant and accurate routing.
    • Web interface offering a dashboard, reporting and export capabilities.
    • Text To Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for an easier customer experience.
    • Zero downtime operations: Update prompts and routing on the go.
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) option with SQL and HTTP connector. Route the calls based on information in your database or suggest satisfaction surveys.
    • Call Center integration with Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition: Qualify calls and collect information to provide a personalised service.
    • Intuitive graphical interface: Minimise training time and required IT skills.
    • Scalable software offering SIP-based connectivity to communication servers. Unify welcome and reduce operation costs with a centralised routing and greeting solution.
    • High availability: Load balancing can be provided with the VAA.
    • Multi-tenant: Usable by multiple customers each with their own private view.
    • Delegation: Different levels of management can be assigned to users.
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