March 2014 - News and Events

Media Streaming – Watch TV Programs over WebRTC

Media streaming via WebRTC Media streaming is nothing new on the web (you guys heard of Youtube?). However, it is not included as one of the interesting use cases for WebRTC that we usually see quite often, such as plain P2P communication and multi-party video conferencing, and server-side gesture detection, etc. With WebRTC, media streaming…

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Sip:provider mr3.2.1 (aka v3.2) Is Now Available!

Sipwise release v3.2 of its open-source platform: the Sip:provider mr3.2.1! We are excited to announce the general availability of Sip:provider mr3.2.1, CE and PRO, aka the new v3.2 version. What is the Sip:provider platform? The Sipwise Sip:provider platform is a highly versatile open source based VoIP soft-switch for ISPs and ITSPs to serve large numbers of…

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Sipwise introduced the ‘Plug & Play’ NGN Interconnect

Easy and hassle-free NGN interconnect! Sipwise has successfully introduced its “NGN in a box” solution providing cost effective and simple access to Deutsche Telekom’s new SIP-based NGN interconnect N-ICA. The high degree of virtualization deployed with the Sipwise solution ensures high availability while meeting the demands of active-active SBC operations and load balancing across the…

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