January 2011 - News and Events

Sip:providerCE 2.2 – A Quick Preview

A sneak peek of Sipwise’s open-source platform: the Sip:providerCE 2.2 Since the initial release of the Sip:provider CE, version 2.1, we’ve mostly worked on two things regarding improvements towards version Sip:providerCE 2.2: Usability of the Admin Panel, and how NOT to do it: It seems to be a general rule for soft-switch vendors to keep the…

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SIP beyond VoIP – Location-Based Services Using Sip:providerCE

SIP is famous for being the protocol to be used for VoIP signaling nowadays. With the (not so simple) SIMPLE extension, it also offers PUB/SUB and messaging capabilities. The plan was obviously to lay grounds for a full-blown communication framework for telephony, instant messaging and presence, as we know it from XMPP. Due to various…

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The Sip:provider CE Launched – A Month Recap

A month recap after the launched of Sip:provider CE! Back in December 2010, we launched the Sip:provider CE as an open-source offspring of the Sip:provider PRO to bring the Sipwise NGCP technology to a much broader audience. We got a lot of feedback during this month, and it’s time now to look at the impact for Sipwise and…

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