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Hiring by Curiosity – Part 1

Compared to the typical job announcements, this time we did, well, something completely different. There was this Perl workshop in town at the Metalab in Vienna / Austria.

Instead of the typical “we’re hiring” thing we just handed out flyers like this:

TEASER: It is NOT a URL, it’s PERL code 🙂

Around 50% of the crowd scanned and executed this challange, and 50% of that group actually went through the different levels and registered for the “Free Beer Event”. It’s not THAT tricky, after all… any decent PERL dev should be able to hack it.

Since we’ve still some seats open for the free beer event, we’ve loosened the rules (originally each QR code was only valid once, there was no way to execute it twice), so feel free to go ahead and solve the riddle.
EDIT: The event was on Wednesday 28th, sorry guys. You can still try if you can solve it!

Cheers and see you,