April 2022 - News and Events

RTPengine Janus mode

Sipwise RTPengine is a very fast media proxy to bridge two different worlds: WebRTC and VoIP.It supports a variety of encryption methods (plaintext RTP, SRTP via SDES and DTLS, ZRTP as passthrough) with a number of optional features, such as ICE, RTP/RTCP multiplexing (RTCP-mux), transcoding between several popular audio codecs, and unbundling BUNDLE’d media streams….

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Sipwise C5 mr10.4.1 Released

We are excited to announce the general availability of the Sipwise C5CE and C5PRO mr10.4.1 release. What is the Sipwise C5 platform? The Sipwise C5 platform is a highly versatile open source based VoIP soft-switch for ISPs and ITSPs to serve large numbers of SIP subscribers. It leverages existing building blocks like Kamailio, Sems and…

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