Sip:provider CE v2.5 by Sipwise Is Now Available!

The latest version of Sipwise’s open-source platform: the Sip:provider CE v2.5! Only 4 months after the last release of version 2.4, I am excited to announce Sip:provider CE v2.5! What is the Sip:provider platform? The Sipwise Sip:provider platform is a highly versatile open source based VoIP soft-switch for ISPs and ITSPs to serve large numbers of SIP subscribers….

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Build Your Own VoIP System, Part 1 – The Basics

How to build your own VoIP system, Part 1 – The Basics This blog post is the first part of a series of posts, which describe how VoIP system works and how the Sipwise Sip:provider Platform enables you to start various VoIP business models. Part 1, which is provided in this post, gives you an…

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Series A funding from Tecnet Equity and Speedinvest

Sipwise will receive Series A funding from Tecnet Equity and Speedinvest! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised a Series A funding round from Tecnet Equity and Speedinvest! This investment with an amount >USD 1M will allow us to grow much faster than in the past, and heavily expand our business in the US, as…

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Sipwise Sip:provider CE v2.4 Is Now Available!

Sipwise Sip:provider CE v2.4 has been released! 12 months after the initial release of version 2.1 and 7 months after release of version 2.2, I am happy to announce Sip:provider CE v2.4! This is mainly a feature-release, no fundamental architectural changes have been made. What’s new in Sip:provider CE v2.4? Here is an overview of the most important…

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Sip:provider CE v2.2 Is Now Available!

Sipwise Sip:provider CE v2.2 has just been released! It’s been 3 weeks since sip:providerCE v2.2-rc1 came out, and today we’re proud to release the final version of Sip:provider CE v2.2! What’s new? For the list of fundamental changes since v2.1, please read the v2.2-rc1 announcement linked above. Since v2.2-rc1, we only fixed bugs and improved the general…

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Cloud Telephony – A Reality Check

Musings of a telco vendor about the cloud thing Over the last days, I was working on deploying and testing our open-source VoIP soft-switch SPCE v2.2-rc1 on an Amazon EC2 instance in order to provide a ready-to-run AMI for our community. Coincidently, I came across this tweet from @martingeddes: When you hear a vendor selling…

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Sip:provider CE v2.2-rc1 Is Now Available!

Sipwise Sip:provider CE v2.2-rc1 has been released! After over 4 months of development, we proudly present you the official Release Candidate 1 of sip:providerCE v2.2 or the Sip:provider CE v2.2-rc1! Based on the feedback from our awesome Community and Customers, and aligned to our long-term Road Map, we’ve implemented some fundamental changes in v2.2 compared…

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Sipwise will be at Linuxtag 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Meet Us!

Linuxtag 2011 in Berlin is Sipwise next event to be participating! Do you want to meet Sipwise at Linuxtag 2011? At Europe’s most important convention for Open Source Software, taking place from May 11 to May 13, 2011, in Berlin? Andreas Granig, CTO of Sipwise, will present the Sip:providerCE v2.2 in Hall 7.2b at the Kamailio…

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Use Tropo to Add Voice Apps to Sip:provider in 5 minutes!

How to add rich voice applications to Sip:provider CE by using Tropo Using Tropo, it’s incredibly easy to add voice applications to your Sip:provider CE (SPCE) or PRO system. Let’s assume that we have an SPCE installation serving a subscriber, which is mapped to the phone number +4312345. By either calling +4312345 from your…

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Looking For Perl Web Developers Around Vienna

You will mainly extend our provisioning and monitoring systems and make the changes visible via the administrative and customer self-care panels, as well as the SOAP and XMLRPC interfaces. The job requires very strong experience in Perl, MySQL and HTML/CSS/Javascript, a strong knowledge of SOAP, XMLRPC and REST and you should be used to Debian GNU/Linux and SVN/GIT. [ Read More → ]