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sip:provider CE v2.2 Released

It’s been 3 weeks since sip:providerCE v2.2-rc1 came out, and today we’re proud to release the final version of sip:providerCE v2.2!

What’s new?

For the list of fundamental changes since v2.1, please read the v2.2-rc1 announcement linked above. Since v2.2-rc1, we only fixed bugs and improved the general handling of the SPCE:

  • Sponsored development of and integrated qop handling in SEMS to improve SIP peering authentication.
  • Improved far-end NAT traversal for more exotic scenarios.
  • Masked private contact header to prevent far-end NAT traversal at other end of SIP peerings.
  • Added out-of-the-box support for installations on Amazon EC2 nodes for both signaling and media (more on this in a separate post).
  • Added syntax check in admin panel for rewrite rules.
  • Fixed bug in admin panel when manipulating peering rewrite rules.
  • Fixed bug in SIP peering handling to correctly hop via the load-balancer for outbound calls.

How to install?

For new users and v2.1 users, please follow the quick-install procedure to get up and running.

If you’re already running v2.2-rc1, upgrade to v2.2 like this (it will change your v2.2-rc1 repo to the 2.2 repo and install the new packages):

perl -pi -e 's,(spce/2\.2)\-rc1,\1,' /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
ngcpcfg apply

Do NOT upgrade your v2.1 installation like this, since it will break your setup! Use the migration procedure described in the quick-install guide instead.


Thanks to our awesome community on our mailing list for their valuable feedback, which helped us to shape the road-map for v2.2 and tracked down the issues in v2.2-rc1.

Special thanks go out to Michael Prokop, Daniel Mierla, Stefan Sayer, Sebastien Lesimple and Carsten Bock for contributing in terms of features, language packs, bug reports and spreading the word.