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Sipwise Enters the African Market with business VoIP solutions

ITEC Communications PTY (ITEC) trusts in Sipwise Class 5 Softswitch as VoIP Solutions for their business.

The African continent is currently evolving rapidly in the field of communication technology. Experts predict that the number of smartphone users in South Africa will rise by around 28 percent by 2023 (which currently forecasts a 5 million user growth)[1]. This is where Sipwise and ITEC unite their power in Unified Communications. ITEC is a well-established full infrastructure service provider in the technology arena for connectivity, voice, Unified Communications and communications solutions in South Africa. The company is part of the ITEC Group and tackles the ever-changing situation in South Africa by deploying Sipwise’s proven C5 Softswitch.

Connecting experts: ITEC and Sipwise

The first meeting between ITEC and Sipwise was at the well-known exhibition in South Africa: AfricaCom. ITEC was in search of a new voice core. The company found a competent partner in Sipwise who offers a great selection of products: from Class 5 Softswitch (C5) and Cloud PBX to Sip:phone. ITEC chose Sipwise’s C5 as their leading system VoIP solution for their business. The product is a highly scalable SIP softswitch for business voice solutions. It is easily expandable by simply enabling various software modules. With a foresight for the African market, the softswitch can be deployed on 3G, 4G and – on the newest innovation – 5G mobile phones.

Connecting people: Class 5 Softswitch for ITEC

ITEC intended to implement an off the shelf system which can cover most of their requirements. Sipwise stood out from its competitors primarily because of the excellent service quality provided by the team.

Proving the company’s flexibility, the employees of Sipwise were able to assemble a custom-made package for ITEC to meet all their wants and needs. Due to an effective and united team, and based on the agreement with Sipwise, ITEC was able to get to know the softswitch in detail, gained experience with the Class 5 product in their business context and received comprehensive training from Sipwise. With the CTP (Certified Training Package), users of the CE (Community Edition) get a qualified and certified remote or on-site training.

ITEC’s intention was aimed at a switch for their voice calls, rate all CDR’s for billing, cater for number portability and provision customer voice. In addition to these, the South African company wanted to have a partner on hand who can troubleshoot and resolve potential issues with competence should any arise. Since Sipwise’s C5 Softswitch combines all the features they were looking for (and more) as well as the support they wanted, the corporation decided to ally with the Austrian company.

ITEC’s General Manager appreciates the human component above all: “Sipwise offers extensive troubleshooting possibilities. The product C5 itself is user-friendly and provides a powerful interface for a smaller operator and is stable with high availability. What stands out most is that it is about people and not just the product. Sipwise presents itself as a flexible company, where their pleasant employees are always willing to compromise and help whenever it is needed. With 24/7 support, challenges are no longer an obstacle.”

The round-the-clock support offered by Sipwise is available in English, and business interactions can be conducted in different languages, such as English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and more. The aim is always customer satisfaction, a highly efficient workflow and flexibility when it comes to requirements and product integrations.

Connecting with ease: C5’s integration

The outstanding features of the Sipwise C5 led to the decision of purchasing the softswitch system. The General Manager of ITEC is particularly pleased with the easy integration of the product: “We had to connect and integrate the Class 5 with our other existing systems, but with the provided API it was simple to carry out the embedding of the VoIP solution for our business purpose”.

Due to its easiness, the Sipwise C5 Softswitch is suitable for various business sizes – ranging from smaller companies to larger businesses. With ITEC’s continuing growth in their customer base, the company has a strategic goal with Sipwise in mind: to scale up to the next tier of Sipwise’s platform.

Sipwise Class 5 Softswitch is a turn-key, carrier-grade VoIP Softswitch and is the core system of our Unified Communication solutions. For further information about the product, head over to our product page or contact our sales team at

About Sipwise

Sipwise unified communication platforms are targeted at fixed converged and wireless service providers supporting a variety of access technologies like Cable, xDSL, FTTx, WiFi and WiMAX, as well as “Over-the-Top” operators.

With years of expertise in VoIP and UC solutions, Sipwise works with clients on all continents and is servicing over 65 Telcos in 25 countries worldwide. Sipwise offers an unbeaten price-to-performance ratio to communication service providers, with ease of integration towards their technical, OSS and BSS infrastructure, as well as outstanding flexibility.

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