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CPBX and C5 Deployment in Mongolia

Sipwise extends its customer base to Mongolia!

We are excited to announce our recent Sipwise deployment that expands our international customer footprint to the Far East.

Telco Communications LLC – a company providing solutions for telco and call center operators – and technological partner company ASTVISION – the leading information technology and communication services expert based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – have been introduced to the Sipwise stakeholder and client stock.

ASTVISION has initiated and implemented a wide range of innovative products. Most notably, they introduced the first TUT’s (digital public service kiosks) that Mongolia has seen. For more information, please visit

A new CPBX market is emerging with Sipwise!

Telco Communications received technological advice from ASTVISION, which built a bridge to Sipwise’s corresponding products.

Telco Communications strives to become the leading call center provider in Mongolia and therefore decided on Sipwise’s C5 Softswitch and CPBX in order to achieve the objective. Sipwise’s fine reputation and extensive experience, carrier-grade software and remarkable performance were the determining factors for Telco Communications’ management. Digitalizing PBX in Mongolia fosters innovation and efficiency.

According to Telco Communications, “Technology advances are resulting in incredible gains for businesses. Our goal is to provide customer-focused digital solutions to new business models.“

In Mongolia, SME Businesses usually rely on on-premise PBX. Sipwise’s Cloud PBX and its sub-features help Telco Communications’ customers to manage their communication in a cost-efficient and integrated manner – connecting communication services with business systems and allowing them to operate from different locations with ease.

Customer-Integration transcends spatial and cultural boundaries.

Large distances, different time-zones and organizational cultures may render onboarding and training a difficult endeavour. With Sipwise and Telco Communications, the Austrian and the Mongolian company had to overcome almost 8000 kilometers (or almost 5000 miles) in the spatial distance to conduct an effective implementation of Sipwise’s C5 Softswitch and CPBX. Different cultural and technical backgrounds required customer-tailored training. It was a pleasure for the training team to modify both content and extent.

„We aim to maintain our business relationship with Sipwise. It’s only the beginning of our cooperation. In the nearest future, we are interested in other products Sipwise has to offer. Currently, though, we are excited to get behind the task at hand!“ states the Telco Communications business development team.

About Sipwise

Sipwise’s unified communication platforms are targeted at fixed, converged and wireless service providers supporting a variety of access technologies like mobile radio, Cable, xDSL, FTTx, WiFi and WiMAX.

With years of expertise in VoIP and UC solutions, Sipwise works with clients all over the world and is supporting over 100 commercial deployments by MNOs, MVNOs, Telcos, cable network providers, utilities and “Over-the-Top”- operators.

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