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Cooperation with Specialisterne

Their slogan “Passion for Details”, Specialisterne (Danish for “the specialists”) has set itself the task of bringing together people from the autistic spectrum who have special skills with companies that need exactly these talents – companies like us! Sipwise as well employs, among others, specialists in the fields of programming & software testing, quality assurance or data control.

Meanwhile, Specialisterne operates in more than 12 countries with their own organizations worldwide, including the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and Austria. Sipwise has been cooperating with Specialisterne since April 2019 and already employs a colleague with Asperger’s syndrome in the field of quality management. “Nico learns quickly and he is not afraid to become familiar with new things – these talents paired with his straightforward nature make him a valuable colleague,” says Andreas Granig, CTO of Sipwise.

Alex Lutai, Nico’s direct supervisor, speaks after a few months with the highest remarks of Nico: “Nico is a very motivated and already a very productive colleague. In my estimation, he has a great future in IT – and for Sipwise, a huge output is already visible.” For more information about Specialisterne head over to:

About Sipwise:

Sipwise unified communication platforms are targeted at fixed, converged and wireless service providers supporting a variety of access technologies like Cable, xDSL, FTTx, WiFi and WiMAX, as well as “Over-the-Top” operators.

With years of expertise in VoIP and UC solutions, Sipwise works with clients on all continents and is servicing over 65 Telcos in 25 countries worldwide. Sipwise offers an unbeaten price-to-performance ratio to communication service providers, with ease of integration towards their technical, OSS and BSS infrastructure, as well as outstanding flexibility.

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