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What is Auto-Provisioning?

Setting up a phone in a company is no big deal if you just need to install one single line. However, in larger companies, when multiple phones need to be configured, the world looks quite different. And that’s where Auto-Provisioning comes in. With an automatic set up, installing phones becomes a breeze.

Auto-provisioning – plug & play system

With Auto-Provisioning, the settings for business telephones are configured centrally via a web interface – with just one click. Various data such as caller ID, extension number, etc. are set once and retrieved by the VoIP phones via the local network. Countless IP phones can be connected and new phones are immediately ready for use – just like a plug & play system. This results in a number of advantages. First, it saves an infinite amount of time. Whereas previously each individual phone had to be set up by a technician on site, this is now done by the central telephone system. In addition, expensive IT hours are reduced and updates for the software can be managed with just one click for all connected phones.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Central configuration via web interface
  • New phones ready to use (“plug & play”)
  • Saves time
  • Reduces IT costs

How does it work?

Auto-provisioning of VoIP phones is based on the principle of assigning IP addresses in a network by automatic configuration. It works in a similar way as with computers: as soon as a device dials into the WLAN or is connected via LAN cable, the network administrator is searched for. The administrator assigns IP addresses. For this process, the phone must first be created on a server. Then the Auto-Provisioning server logs on. In doing so, it provides the (unique) IP address and all other necessary network information (DNS server address, default gateway …). Manual configuration is thus not necessary – everything works automatically and centrally. For example with the key mapping: With Auto-Provisioning, you can change the settings of the buttons by simply providing a new configuration – quick and easy.

Auto-Provisioning at Sipwise

Our product CPBX (Cloud Private Branch Exchange) includes an Auto-Provisioning server to instantly activate customer phones without the need for preprovisioning or manual configuration by the end customer. An application server powers a rich set of server-side features suited for SME customers. The zero-touch Auto-Provisioning system is available for a wide range of business phones like Alcatel Lucent phones, Cisco SPA, Yealink SIP-T and Panasonic KT-UX.

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About Sipwise

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