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Running sip:providerCE on Virtualbox in Windows

The demand for testing the sip:providerCE on Virtualbox in Windows is actually bigger than expected, and there came up a couple of issues we’re currently working on:

  1. The default version when downloading Virtualbox is 3.2.12, which does not support the OVA format (which in fact is just a TAR of the OVF file together with the image and the hash file), so we’re going to provide a TAR archive for your convenience. You can easily extract it with WinZIP/WinRAR/etc and import it into your Virtualbox.
  2. We encountered an issue with the machine name (resulting in a file sip:provider CE.xml), which can’t be imported to a Windows Virtualbox because of the colon in the file name. We’re changing  it to sip_provider_ce to be compatible with Windows.

Please expect an updated image and documentation within 2-3 hours.

UPDATE: we finally have uploaded a corrected OVA file and updated the online documentation. If you had troubles with the previous version, please try it again. For Virtualbox 3.x versions, open the OVA file with any application able to extract a tar archive, then extract the files and import the resulting OVF file in your Virtualbox.