NGN – Next Generation Network – Platforms for Enhanced Unified Communication Services

Sipwise NGN Product Portfolio for Unified Communication Services

The communication platforms, which Sipwise offers and continuously develops, are top of the line and are next generation technology. These products are the best in the market and are the systems of choice for many service providers who want to provide next generation network (NGN) and access to their clients.

With a powerful NGN Softswitch, Class 5, at the centre and acting as the heart of Sipwise’s product line, operators and service providers can easily scale and increase the magnitude of the Softswitch’s features and functionalities to cater to the needs of their growing market. This is simply done by just adding an infrastructure, such as our Class 4 Softswitch and Cloud PBX.

Together with Sipwise’s Unified Communication Solutions, any Voice over IP (VoIP) services can be used to its full potential.

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Products on a mobile Phone
Sipwise C5

The Class 5 VoIP Softswitch is the core building block of Sipwise Unified Communication Platforms, providing SIP, XMPP and WebRTC, relays voice and video streams between different technologies and networks

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Sipwise C4

A joint technology with Dialogic that act as media and signaling gateway between VoIP and TDM/PSTN via SS7. Offers voice origination and termination and supports different ISDN interfaces for various use cases.

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Sipwise CPBX

Sipwise’s very own hosted PBX. A direct add-on module to the C5 Class 5 Softswitch. Installation of the Cloud PBX is hassle-free; no extra hardware needed. Ships with zero-touch phone provisioning service and allows desk phones to be configurable via the C5 self-care web interface.

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Sipwise Sipphone

Sipwise’s Mobile VoIP app that takes advantage of all features of the combined C5 and CPBX. Expanding user’s reachability on any mobile device that supports broadband data connection like WiFi, 3G, LTE or DSL. For Android and iOS clients.

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Sipwise RTC

A lean, simple Web API for enabling WebRTC based applications. Allows real-time communication, like video conferencing or web collaboration on web browsers, no extra SW-installation needed. A joint development of Sipwise and Deutsche Telekom/T-Labs.

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Sipwise VAA

Sipwise extends the feature set of the C5 with a powerful business routing and calls answering/IVR module through the integration of ALE’s VAA into the Sipwise C5.

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Sipwise mg

Sipwise MG enables interoperability between IP and PSTN networks via high-density optical telephony, and Ethernet connections in a compact 1U form.

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Sipwise ctp

CTP is an online training for Community Edition (CE) business users provided by Sipwise.

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