2. Enabling Faxserver

In order to configure functions of Sipwise C5 Faxserver one needs to update the main NGCP configuration file /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml with the correct fax options:

    enable: yes
    fail_attempts: '3'
    fail_retry_secs: '60'
    keep_failed_fax: yes
    keep_failed_fax_days: '60'
    keep_received_fax: yes
    keep_received_fax_days: '60'
    keep_sent_fax: yes
    keep_sent_fax_days: '60'
    mail_from: 'Sipwise C5 FaxServer <voipfax@ngcp.sipwise.local>'

Parameters are:


Ensure that in network.yml the api_int interface is assigned to the appropriate network interface or on a CARRIER to a VLAN of the node with the mgmt role. Usually, this is the same network interface or on a CARRIER the VLAN where the ha_int interface is assigned to. The api_int interface must be removed from all other nodes.