5. Voicebox Calls

Voicebox Call-Flow

Figure A.5. Voicebox Call-Flow

Calls to the Voicebox (both for callers leaving a voicemail message and for voicebox owners managing it via the IVR menu) are passed directly from the SIP proxy to the App-Server without a B2BUA. The App-Server maintains its own timers, so there is no risk of over-billing or overly long calls.

In such a case where an endpoint talks via the Media Relay to a system-internal endpoint, the Media Relay bridges the media streams between the public in the system-internal network.

In case of an endpoint leaving a new message on the voicebox, the Message-Waiting-Indication (MWI) mechanism triggers the sending of a unsolicited NOTIFY message, passing the number of new messages in the body. As soon as the voicebox owner dials into his voicebox (e.g. by calling sip:voicebox@example.org from his SIP account), another NOTIFY message is sent to his devices, resetting the number of new messages.


The Sipwise C5 does not require your device to subscribe to the MWI service by sending a SUBSCRIBE (it would rather reject it). On the other hand, the endpoints need to accept unsolicited NOTIFY messages (that is, a NOTIFY without a valid subscription), otherwise the MWI service will not work with these endpoints.