14. Licenses

The Sipwise C5 — starting from mr5.5.1 release — implements software licensing primarily for the commercial products PRO and CARRIER. However as a CE platform operator you may also see a new process running on the system: "licensed". The only purpose of this software module is to collect anonymous statistics about the system usage, namely the following performance indicators are recorded:

The anonymous usage statistics is enabled by default but you can disable it. In order to do that you have to edit the main configuration file /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml and set general.anonymous_usage_statistics parameter to no. Then apply the new configuration with the usual command: ngcpcfg apply "Disabled anon. usage stat"


If Sipwise C5 operator does not want to have the license client package (ngcp-license-client and ngcp-license-module) on his system at all, it is possible to replace it with a dummy package: ngcp-license-client-dummy. This dummy package does not contain any licensing software, and is available from mr5.5.2 Sipwise C5 release.