May 2011 - News and Events

Sip:provider CE v2.2 Is Now Available!

Sipwise Sip:provider CE v2.2 has just been released! It’s been 3 weeks since sip:providerCE v2.2-rc1 came out, and today we’re proud to release the final version of Sip:provider CE v2.2! What’s new? For the list of fundamental changes since v2.1, please read the v2.2-rc1 announcement linked above. Since v2.2-rc1, we only fixed bugs and improved the general…

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Cloud Telephony – A Reality Check

Musings of a telco vendor about the cloud thing Over the last days, I was working on deploying and testing our open-source VoIP soft-switch SPCE v2.2-rc1 on an Amazon EC2 instance in order to provide a ready-to-run AMI for our community. Coincidently, I came across this tweet from @martingeddes: When you hear a vendor selling…

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Sip:provider CE v2.2-rc1 Is Now Available!

Sipwise Sip:provider CE v2.2-rc1 has been released! After over 4 months of development, we proudly present you the official Release Candidate 1 of sip:providerCE v2.2 or the Sip:provider CE v2.2-rc1! Based on the feedback from our awesome Community and Customers, and aligned to our long-term Road Map, we’ve implemented some fundamental changes in v2.2 compared…

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