December 2010 - News and Events

Erlang for Shoppers this Holiday Season

Erlang: Why the other checkout line is faster than yours The Erlang – B calculation is used in telephony systems to describe the probability of call loss on a group of circuits without call buffering. It is however not limited to telephone networks since it describes a probability in a queuing system. Based on this…

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Sip:providerCE on Virtualbox in Windows

Running Sip:providerCE on Virtualbox in Windows The demand for testing the Sip:providerCE on Virtualbox in Windows is actually bigger than expected, and there came up a couple of issues we’re currently working on: The default version when downloading Virtualbox is 3.2.12, which does not support the OVA format (which in fact is just a TAR…

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Sip:providerCE – the 1st Open-Source VoIP Platform

Sipwise launched the 1st open-source VoIP platform: the Sip:providerCE! We at Sipwise are excited to announce the first public release of the Sip:provider Community Edition or Sip:providerCE. It is a SIP based Class5 VoIP soft-switch, providing every component an operator needs to offer VoIP services. It comes as a communication platform leveraging the capabilities of Kamailio,…

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